OAO "Zelenoborskoe"

Peat extraction, fertilizer production, molding production

Location of JSC "Zeleniborskoye"

How it all began

The Smolevichskoye peat enterprise, now Zelenoborskoye OJSC, was established on November 21, 1949 with the aim of extracting fuel peat to provide the Zhodinsky TPP with a production program for the production of 490 thousand tons of fuel peat. Peat has been extracted at the enterprise since 1951. From 1951 to the present, milled peat production totaled more than 14.5 million tons.

Developed ...

In 1983, the Zhodinskaya CHP plant switched to gas and fuel oil combustion, as a result of which there was no need to extract peat from the fuel group, so the Belniitopproekt Institute, on the basis of the Rademye and Tarasik peat deposits, compiled a project for the construction of the Zelenoborsky plant for the production of hollow peat pots for growing seedlings, with a capacity of up to 130 million pieces per year.

And working

A line was put into operation in the peat production workshop and production of peat, deoxidized with the addition of mineral fertilizers, and peat nutrient soils “Flower”, “Rassadny”, “Non-acidified”, “Summer”, “Harvest”, “Universal” was launched. Peat products are exported to Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus, Slovenia.